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What is a - Solar Screen ?

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Solar Screens are devices that mount on the exterior of a building window and physically block and filter the sun.  There are varying percentages of sun rays that will be kept off the window depending on the configuration of the solar screen.  Generally, the percentage of shade provided will match the percentage of heat blocked from entering the window.

There is another factor that can make a huge difference in how effective your solar screen will be.  Most companies install their product in the existing window screen tracks.  Very often this results in the sun continuing to strike the surrounding frame of the window and transferring heat into your building through the frame of the window as well as the frame of the screen.  Additionally, this type of installation results in the solar screen fabric actually touching the glass.  The solar screen fabric is designed to absorb and reflect heat.  Thus, if your particular installation is the type of application that allows the solar screen fabric to touch the glass then the 90% solar screen you just installed is only 50% effective which means you aren't obtaining the efficiency you were hoping when you contracted to have your solar screens installed.

The most effective solar screens are those with adequate space between the solar screen material and the glass. Additionally, a thermal break between the screen frames and the window frames provide a bonus by blocking the transfer of heat from exterior to interior through the frame of the window.

Solar Shade Screen, Inc has 30+ years of experience and installs the most effective solar screening system in the world!  Because of our experience in the industry, we have developed installation and fabrication systems that virtually eliminate transfer of heat from the exterior to the interior of your building.  No other company installs a solar screening product that is as efficient as Solar Shade Screen Company


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What are daylight energized veils? Daylight energized sunscreens are made of durable, vinyl-coated fiberglass yarn woven in an open pattern. , Deciduous trees help cut cooling costs the most. As this water evaporates from the surface of the leaves, it cools the tree.

Solar Screen Framing Systems

Consider the framing system of the insect screens on your existing windows.  Typically, these are 5/16" X 5/8" and made of .020 aluminum.  This is not much more than the aluminum foil found in your kitchen drawers.  In fact, most people have the strength to easily bend and damage an insect screen frame.

Most companies will take that same framing system and spline a fabric which is 10 to 15 times heavier than insect screen. Then they will give you a lifetime warranty on their product. Does this seem like an honest warranty?  Do you think they are really going to be around in a few years when you begin to have problems with your solar screens?  The low price you received when purchasing a product like this will end up costing you 3 times more by the time you waste your days calling for warranty, ultimately not receiving a warranty because the company cannot afford to service their work, and then contracting with a reputable company providing the correct type of system to be able to properly offer a serviceable and affordable warranty.

Solar Shade Screen, Inc has developed a 1" aluminum framing system with a spline groove to accept the heavier solar screen fabric. No plastic corners are used in our manufacturing process.  All corners are mitred and receive internal hidden aluminum reinforced corners. The framing has a wall thickness of .043 and we have not found a person strong enough to crush the framing with their bare hands like one can with the typical insect screen framing.

Our goal is to provide the most effective and efficient solar screening system for your windows.  Depending on the circumstance, we might use thumb clips or barrel clips which can rotate to allow access to the glass for cleaning.  Our entire system is engineered to guarantee maximum efficiency and easy accessibility.

Solar Screen

solar screen

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